“An Interview with Matt Burgess”, Bookslut

“Later this month, Doubleday will publish Dogfight, A Love Story, the first novel by Matt Burgess. Dogfight follows a drug dealer through a difficult weekend, involving Russian gangsters, dog-napping, pill-popping, beat cops, arcade games, and numerous instances of gunfire, theft, and murder. More importantly, though, Dogfight explores the complex inner lives of an entire community — Jackson Heights, Queens — as distilled through the experiences of its protagonist, Alfredo Batista. 

Over e-mail, Bookslut discussed Dogfight with Matt Burgess, who I have known for many years, and whose work, believe me, deserves the highest praise. No wonder Barnes & Noble chose him for their ‘Discover Great New Writers’ program. Matt and I talked about a number of academic matters, including Big Trouble in Little China, fake moustaches, Kevin Costner, Mario and Luigi, Burt Reynolds, submarines, and Nightmare on Elm Street.”


Uncle Janice Explores the Pressures on an Undercover Cop” from The Takeaway, WNYC Studios

“Today’s installment in The Takeaway’s ‘Beyond the Badge’ series features a fictional story about an NYPD cop struggling with her boss’s philosophy of policing by the numbers.”

– wnycstudios.org

“Watching the Detectives: An Interview with Matt Burgess,” Tin House